About Dimitri

OH Puppy Mill Rescue

A photo of Dim prior to being rescued.

About the blog:
This blog was set up to tell Dimitri’s story, and also to spread the word to ask people to vote for him in Operation ResCUTE’s contest. By having a blog, you can sign up (on the right hand side) to “follow” the blog, which will provide you with a daily reminder to vote for Dim! Please vote daily and help him win so he can raise funds for his rescue, and also raise awareness about rescued peis and puppy mill dogs!
Please vote for him daily here.

Dim’s Story:
In August of 2012, The Humane Society of the United States and other animal rescue organizations were called in by the Humane Society of Richland County to assist in the rescue of approximately 250 dogs from a Shelby, Ohio, property. The owner of the dogs surrendered them to the Humane Society of Richland County earlier in the week, and rescuers quickly mobilized to provide the dogs with food, water and veterinary evaluations. The dogs were mainly Chihuahuas and Shar-Peis and were found living in cramped wire cages and pens, covered in their own waste, without access to veterinary care or proper socialization. Many of the dogs suffered from skin irritations, eye infections and severe flea infestations. A fawn shar pei who would later be named Dimitri was one of these dogs.

After the rescue, Dimitri went to a rescue league in Washington DC, where he received more of the much needed medical care that he needed, such as entropian surgery among other things. Unfortunately, Dimitri didn’t do well in the kennel environment, despite their best efforts. He continued to pace in circles in his kennel despite best efforts and exercise, so they reached out to a local rescue, the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, who had taken two other shar peis from the case, to see if they could help him. They took him in, and he eventually went to a foster home in December.

Dimitri a few weeks after being adopted, enjoying an outing with his mom.

Dimitri a few weeks after being adopted, enjoying an outing with his mom.

On January 5th, he and his foster attended an adoption event to meet a couple who was interested in adopting him. They decided though, that it wasn’t the right fit, and his foster mom decided less than an hour later that they were meant to be, and adopted him that day.

Since then, he has had many adventures. He has learned how to sleep on a dog bed and not in a crate, how to walk on a leash for the most part, how to ride an elevator, chew bones, and enjoy belly rubs. He comes to work with his mom most days, so that he can continue to improve his social skills. He has also learned the joys of running, and loves to sprint across the fields and other open spaces.

Health wise Dimitri still has a few issues, not surprising when one considers the life he came from. He has an eye condition that causes him to not be able to see very well, his vision is compared to us seeing through a muddy windshield. He is also a little cross eyed with limits his vision a bit further. However he has a great eye doctor at VCA Vet Referrel Center, and a great vet at Lake Forest Animal Hospital, both in Gaithersburg, MD, who treat him.

Dim is a great dog, but also serves as a reminder about puppy mills and who suffers as a result of them. He and many other dogs suffered while puppies were sold online, due to lax laws.

There are many wonderful shar peis and other breeds and mixes looking for homes, and you can find them easily using sites like www.petfinder.org. Here are some tips if you’re looking to purchase a puppy. If you’ve purchased a sick puppy, you can learn about how to file a complaint here.



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