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LucyDim here, I’ve been very busy out on the campaign trail. Thanks to everyone who has voted and to all those who have signed up for daily reminders to vote! If I win the money for Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, it would help them continue to help dogs like Lucy!

Who is Lucy? Well she is my new campaign assistant, her name is Lucy. My mom is fostering her through the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, they helped me find a home, so I’m sure they’ll help Lucy find one too. Mom says she’ll be better at describing Lucy, so I’m including her description too, though mine is more accurate.

Lucy is black and fuzzy. She sleeps up against the couch, and scratches herself a lot. She eats grass. She likes to eat. She tries to eat my food but mom won’t let her. She snorts a lot. Louder than me. She doesn’t like it when I nose butt her face while she’s sleeping when I want to play. I don’t understand why not. She is also a show off, showing how she can see all nice by going up and down the stairs faster than me. How rude. But I forgive her because she’s fun to play with. Below is a video mom took of us playing.

Mom’s description
Age: 7 years old
Weight: 33lbs
Color: She is a black brush coat shar pei, meaning her coat is not prickly, but more soft than most shar peis.
Housetrained? Yes
Good with kids: While in foster she hasn’t been around kids, but she’s been great with everyone she meets.
Good with dogs: She would be ok in a home with or without another dog (she currently shares her foster home with Dimitri) and at the shelter met two different dogs and did very well with them.
History: Lucy was given up by her person to the Baltimore Animal Shelter when they couldn’t care for her anymore. They took great care of her there, and reached out to rescues to see if anyone could help – LDCRF said yes.
: She knows sit, and rides well in the car. She passed her evaluation at the shelter with flying colors. She is recovering from skin issues and earmites, but is improving everyday – less and less itching! She enjoys being outside as well, and exploring the yard. She is confident and not afraid in a new environment, and just wants to explore what all is there. She just wants a person to call her own and love again.

Interested in adopting Lucy? Please email lostdogsarah@gmail.com or contact Team Dimitri

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