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 I got my game face on and am ready to hit the campaign trail. . . Just gotta find it first...

I got my game face on and am ready to hit the campaign trail. . .been ready for a few days, but it took me a while to find where the campaign trail starts…

Ok folks, Dim here. First off, if you haven’t voted, do so right now: bit.ly/Vote4Dim. 
Ok, now that that is taken care of. I’ve been in pre-campaign planning mode, but now that my mom has finally created a daily reminder you can sign up for, I am ready to go. If you’re here to sign up for the daily reminder, scroll down and sign up!

For those not familiar with the campaign, here are the quick barks:

What am I running for?
I run for fun, but I’m also running to win the Operation ResCute contest! If I am one of the top three vote getters, I’ll win $500 for the rescue who helped me find mom! They are called Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation (FYI – I was not lost. I was misplaced. Then mom came and I was in my proper place). They have found homes for more than 20,000 since 2001, and $500 will go a long way.

I’ll also be eligible to be featured in one of the ResCute storybooks and have a stuffed animal modeled after me!

How can YOU vote?
Go to bit.ly/Vote4Dim and click the big orange button that says vote. Then enter your email, and you’ve cast your vote for the day! You have to vote every 24 hours though to help me win, which is why you can sign up for the daily reminder below!

Do you need a drivers license to vote?
No – the only voter ID required mom says is an email address. Please make sure to vote using only one email every 24 hours – we don’t want them to start requiring drivers licenses!

When does the contest end?
December 31. Yes, a very long way away, but that means with your help I can win! And I need all the help you can give as I’ll be hitting the pavement to get out the vote in the coming months.

Will you join me on the campaign trail? Sign up below for the daily reminder – and also follow the blog! The daily reminders will be via email, and if you want to join the campaign team reach out and let us know. My campaign assistant aka my mom will get back to you.

 Sign up for the Dim Daily Voting Reminder Below!
You’ll receive one email per day to remind you to go and vote, until Dec. 31. If at any point you want to unsubscribe, you can reply with unsubscribe.