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votefordimAfter learning about the great contest that Operation ResCUTE has going on, Dim had to be entered! The top three vote getters in the contest will receive a $500 to their rescue, in Dim’s case this would be the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation! They also will be eligible to become the next ResCUTE animal, meaning that they have a stuffed animal made of them, and a storybook character in the OPERATION ResCUTE series! This is a great way to raise awareness about rescue, and Dim wants to win so that people will be more aware of the dangers of buying dogs online, and puppy mills in general.

Because the competition is fierce, and the voting is DAILY until December 31, we thought this blog would be a good way for folks who want to be on #TeamDimitri to sign up for daily reminders to vote by “following” the blog! It’s also a fun way to keep Team Dimitri fans up to date on his latest adventures in addition to voting reminders, so please spread the word and ask your friends to follow the blog too!

Some reminders about the contest:
– You can vote once every 24 hour period – GO VOTE NOW! bit.ly/Vote4Dim
– Only one vote per person – please only vote with one email, we want to win fair and square!
– You can vote for more than one dog! So if you’d like to DOUBLE the chances of LDCRF winning, please also vote for Dim’s pal Zorro!
-Please spread the word and follow the blog to receive the daily reminders to vote.
-If you have feedback and suggestions for other creative ways to get out the vote, leave a comment on a post or fill out the contact form on the site.