Treats by Dimitri!



Dim will volunteer to test your sample treats.

Dim oversees the baking process.

A few people ask me on Facebook for the recipe to fabulous doggy treats, but I cannot take credit for it – mom saw a recipe from Cookie Rookie and just substituted my favorite yummy things! Mom also recommends doing a few tweaks so that you make good choices on sustainable ingredients that are better for animals and people. Dim endorses doing your part to help us have more treats in the future make world better for animals and people.

Gather ingredients:
1 packet wild salmon (Yooman says Alaskan wild salmon is best according to SeaFood watch )
1 jar natural creamy peanut butter  (A little more than 1 cup). (Yooman recommends trying to palm oil free peanut butter. Says it helps orangutans. )
1 cup organic chicken broth. (Yooman recommends getting from smaller farm market to support local farmers and not factory farms, or at the very least GMO free.)
2 table spoons applesauce
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups flour

Empty jar of peanut butter into a bowl. Stir so oil is mixed in, then pour in chicken broth. In a separate bowl, mix applesauce, flour, and baking powder. Mix well. Once mixed, take half the dough and put into a separate bowl.

Take bowl number one, spread out on floured wooden board. Use knife to cut squares. Once in nice little squares and give to dog to test. (Note from Dim: At this time, it is custom to give Dim some squares to test.) Place rest on cookie shook, bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes.

While that is baking, take salmon out of packet, and cut into super thin stripes one way, then again the other way, so that you have tiny little shreds of salmon. (Note from Dim: At this time, it is custom to give Dim some salmon to make sure it’s yummy.)  Mix the shreds of salmon in with the dough. Make sure it’s really spread through out the dough. Take and flatten onto wooden board that has flour on it. Cut into squares and place on cookie sheet. No need to spread too far apart, they won’t spread at all. Place into oven, bake for 20 minutes. It’s normal to hear some sizzling noise from the fish oil.

Once done baking, take out of oven, and put a plate to cool off and serve plate to Dim.

If you would like

Finished product (in ball form, not square form). Dim will test.


Meet Lucy, my new assistant


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LucyDim here, I’ve been very busy out on the campaign trail. Thanks to everyone who has voted and to all those who have signed up for daily reminders to vote! If I win the money for Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, it would help them continue to help dogs like Lucy!

Who is Lucy? Well she is my new campaign assistant, her name is Lucy. My mom is fostering her through the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, they helped me find a home, so I’m sure they’ll help Lucy find one too. Mom says she’ll be better at describing Lucy, so I’m including her description too, though mine is more accurate.

Lucy is black and fuzzy. She sleeps up against the couch, and scratches herself a lot. She eats grass. She likes to eat. She tries to eat my food but mom won’t let her. She snorts a lot. Louder than me. She doesn’t like it when I nose butt her face while she’s sleeping when I want to play. I don’t understand why not. She is also a show off, showing how she can see all nice by going up and down the stairs faster than me. How rude. But I forgive her because she’s fun to play with. Below is a video mom took of us playing.

Mom’s description
Age: 7 years old
Weight: 33lbs
Color: She is a black brush coat shar pei, meaning her coat is not prickly, but more soft than most shar peis.
Housetrained? Yes
Good with kids: While in foster she hasn’t been around kids, but she’s been great with everyone she meets.
Good with dogs: She would be ok in a home with or without another dog (she currently shares her foster home with Dimitri) and at the shelter met two different dogs and did very well with them.
History: Lucy was given up by her person to the Baltimore Animal Shelter when they couldn’t care for her anymore. They took great care of her there, and reached out to rescues to see if anyone could help – LDCRF said yes.
: She knows sit, and rides well in the car. She passed her evaluation at the shelter with flying colors. She is recovering from skin issues and earmites, but is improving everyday – less and less itching! She enjoys being outside as well, and exploring the yard. She is confident and not afraid in a new environment, and just wants to explore what all is there. She just wants a person to call her own and love again.

Interested in adopting Lucy? Please email or contact Team Dimitri

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Sign up for your daily reminder to vote for Dim!


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 I got my game face on and am ready to hit the campaign trail. . . Just gotta find it first...

I got my game face on and am ready to hit the campaign trail. . .been ready for a few days, but it took me a while to find where the campaign trail starts…

Ok folks, Dim here. First off, if you haven’t voted, do so right now: 
Ok, now that that is taken care of. I’ve been in pre-campaign planning mode, but now that my mom has finally created a daily reminder you can sign up for, I am ready to go. If you’re here to sign up for the daily reminder, scroll down and sign up!

For those not familiar with the campaign, here are the quick barks:

What am I running for?
I run for fun, but I’m also running to win the Operation ResCute contest! If I am one of the top three vote getters, I’ll win $500 for the rescue who helped me find mom! They are called Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation (FYI – I was not lost. I was misplaced. Then mom came and I was in my proper place). They have found homes for more than 20,000 since 2001, and $500 will go a long way.

I’ll also be eligible to be featured in one of the ResCute storybooks and have a stuffed animal modeled after me!

How can YOU vote?
Go to and click the big orange button that says vote. Then enter your email, and you’ve cast your vote for the day! You have to vote every 24 hours though to help me win, which is why you can sign up for the daily reminder below!

Do you need a drivers license to vote?
No – the only voter ID required mom says is an email address. Please make sure to vote using only one email every 24 hours – we don’t want them to start requiring drivers licenses!

When does the contest end?
December 31. Yes, a very long way away, but that means with your help I can win! And I need all the help you can give as I’ll be hitting the pavement to get out the vote in the coming months.

Will you join me on the campaign trail? Sign up below for the daily reminder – and also follow the blog! The daily reminders will be via email, and if you want to join the campaign team reach out and let us know. My campaign assistant aka my mom will get back to you.

 Sign up for the Dim Daily Voting Reminder Below!
You’ll receive one email per day to remind you to go and vote, until Dec. 31. If at any point you want to unsubscribe, you can reply with unsubscribe.

Why a blog?


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votefordimAfter learning about the great contest that Operation ResCUTE has going on, Dim had to be entered! The top three vote getters in the contest will receive a $500 to their rescue, in Dim’s case this would be the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation! They also will be eligible to become the next ResCUTE animal, meaning that they have a stuffed animal made of them, and a storybook character in the OPERATION ResCUTE series! This is a great way to raise awareness about rescue, and Dim wants to win so that people will be more aware of the dangers of buying dogs online, and puppy mills in general.

Because the competition is fierce, and the voting is DAILY until December 31, we thought this blog would be a good way for folks who want to be on #TeamDimitri to sign up for daily reminders to vote by “following” the blog! It’s also a fun way to keep Team Dimitri fans up to date on his latest adventures in addition to voting reminders, so please spread the word and ask your friends to follow the blog too!

Some reminders about the contest:
– You can vote once every 24 hour period – GO VOTE NOW!
– Only one vote per person – please only vote with one email, we want to win fair and square!
– You can vote for more than one dog! So if you’d like to DOUBLE the chances of LDCRF winning, please also vote for Dim’s pal Zorro!
-Please spread the word and follow the blog to receive the daily reminders to vote.
-If you have feedback and suggestions for other creative ways to get out the vote, leave a comment on a post or fill out the contact form on the site.